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Benefits of Batavia Registration


Quick and Easy Log On

All relevant details of your vessel, trailer, equipment, contact and emergency contact details are entered into a database.   A Batavia call sign is issued which helps simplify the "Log on" process.   

When you log on you just have to advise your Batavia  number, DoT registration number, number of persons on board, amount of fuel, where you launched from and intended voyage details.  That is all we require as we will already have the rest.   



More Details When It Matters 

In the event that a vessel is over due we have the relevant details ready at hand.   Aircaraft and vessels can be given the boat size, colour, radio type, engine type and size in a matter of seconds.   We will also have all the contact numbers we need - both the vessel owner and emergency contacts.

These details are vital in a search and rescue - but also help to establish that a vessel is in fact overdue and they have not just forgotten to log off.  



An annual subscription that keeps you safe and supports your local Marine Rescue. 

Register your details to make your log on quick and easy.  Use the link below to complete the form. 


Supporting a Great Group

Boat memberships support Marine Rescue Geraldton - a vital group in the community.  The memberships help ensure we have a team on the radio, on the water and available 24/7 to respond where required.  


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